Did You Know That Healing is
Function of Cellular

There is a food that you can feed to your animals that creates within the cellular mitochondria up to 36 times the energy that is created from normal carbohydrates. That is because there is no loss of energy from active-transport cycles.

The secret is alpha polysaccharide peptides that unlike other foods don’t need to be actively transported through cellular membranes into the cellular mitochondria, but are able to freely enter the mitochondria and increase energy levels to the maximum.

More energy is what virtually every cell needs in order to repair or maintain itself optimally. And more cellular energy multiplied times the trillions of cells in an animal’s body makes a difference in health, performance and happiness that will have you soon singing the praises of Cellular Nutrition products.


Watch videotaped testimonials of the power of CN (alpha polysaccharide peptides) in animal health:

Bronwyn Lavelle
and Europa

Jane Bennett - Equine CN Therapist

Yvonne Dosseter

Jakki Good

Rick Boyd

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Want to accelerate detoxification of ammonia, nitrites, heavy metals and industrial chemicals from your animals body?

Then feed your animal ETSZeolite.

The combination of CN for energy and ETS Zeolite for removing toxins from the body is very powerful. Affiliate Program Opportunity

The affiliate program is open to all persons who are in the animal care industry, either as an owner, trainer or veterinarian, etc. There is no cost to become an affiliate. You will be able to begin earning up to 20% commissions on your Cellular Nutrition product sales made through your replicated web site immediately upon enrollment.


We offer a simple two-tier affiliate program with no sign-up cost.

  • First tier refers to all purchases made through your replicated web site.
  • Second tier refers to all purchases made through a sub-affiliate’s replicated web site (sub means that sales made by an affiliate who enrolled as an affiliate through your replicated web site).
  • Commissions are paid on your customers in perpetuity, not just for the first order. We identify a customer as belonging to a specific affiliate at the time of the first sale. If that customer orders any time afterwards (even years later) the credit will be given to that affiliate.
  • Commissions are paid 30 days after the end of each month on the prior month’s sales.
  • Monthly commissions are paid as follows on standard purchases*:

    Volume in Tier 1

    First Tier Commission Rate

    Second Tier Commission Rate

    $0       to  $149



     $300   or more



* If you plan on multiple case purchases, please call us to discuss additional opportunities.

Discounts or Commissions

An affiliate making an order through his/her replicated website can elect to have any commssion applicable to this order subtracted from the order as a “discount” rather than paid the following month as 1099 applicable commission.

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