Did You Know That Healing is
Function of Cellular

There is a food that you can feed to your animals that creates within the cellular mitochondria up to 36 times the energy that is created from normal carbohydrates. That is because there is no loss of energy from active-transport cycles.

The secret is alpha polysaccharide peptides that unlike other foods don’t need to be actively transported through cellular membranes into the cellular mitochondria, but are able to freely enter the mitochondria and increase energy levels to the maximum.

More energy is what virtually every cell needs in order to repair or maintain itself optimally. And more cellular energy multiplied times the trillions of cells in an animal’s body makes a difference in health, performance and happiness that will have you soon singing the praises of Cellular Nutrition products.


Watch videotaped testimonials of the power of CN (alpha polysaccharide peptides) in animal health:

Bronwyn Lavelle
and Europa

Jane Bennett - Equine CN Therapist

Yvonne Dosseter

Jakki Good

Rick Boyd

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Want to accelerate detoxification of ammonia, nitrites, heavy metals and industrial chemicals from your animals body?

Then feed your animal ETSZeolite.

The combination of CN for energy and ETS Zeolite for removing toxins from the body is very powerful.

CN & Tying Up
CN & Laminitis
CN & Bleeding

Equine CN


What you feed your horse is important
What you feed their cells Makes The Difference
The Power in the Cell is What is Real!

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*CN is classified as a food, it is not a supplement or a drug and does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.


Horses Know A Lot of Things That People Don’t

Veterinarians diagnose a host of aliments in horses from skin conditions, colic, and bone disease, to behavior disorders and depression. Most problems in horses are related to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Almost every horse owner at one time or another has seen their animal chewing on fence posts. This may be due to a dietary deficiency and your horse may be trying to tell you something. Horses know a lot of things we don’t! They instinctively seek out acid plants if they are too alkaline. They look for specific herbs to heal their illness and they will vary their feed accordingly. Of course, this depends on a free-choice environment which wild horses enjoy. Captive animals depend on humans and even though we try to do what is right, we may not always fulfill their dietary needs.

Feeding the Cell

One can spend a lot of time, energy, and money for the best possible nutrition program for horses, but fundamentally, the main objective of a sound, rational dietary management, including supplementation, is to get OPTIMAL FEEDING AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL!  The ultimate goal is that the cell prospers. With any mammal, if the individual cells are healthy, then the the animal can be healthy.

CN gives the cell surplus energy, more energy than it has ever had before. When that energy is added to a sound diet, the cell can utilize the raw materials at its disposal optimally. Without sufficient energy, it can have


John Twomey, Cambridge, New Zealand

johntwomeyWe have been using Equine CN for almost twelve months now and we refer to it as our secret weapon.

At the recent Horse of the Year show, Highly Recommended won the two star three day event competition. The horse jumped brilliantly on the third day after a very fast cross country run on hard ground the day before. I believe he jumped so brilliantly on the last day because of the support that Equine CN gives to his whole system.

I have noticed a definite improvement how well my horses recover after the cross country since we started using Equine CN.  One of my three star horses, Flaunt It, did a tendon twelve months ago and I believe that Equine CN has played an integral part in his very successful rehabilitation. A product that lifts cellular energy is almost an unfair advantage. My wife Caroline and I spend a lot of our time teaching equestrian riders in many disciplines and highly recommend Equine CN to everyone.


Dressage Rider, Morrinsville, New Zealand

dressage_riderBig 3 year old warmblood who became injured during breaking in process and was extremely lame was diagnosed by my vet with possible ligament damage between hock and stifle, and recommended turning him out for 6 – 12 months. I called in another vet for a second opinion, he told me he would never be sound again regardless of how much we rested him.

We started him on Cellular Nutrition and could see improvements in three weeks, two months on Cellular Nutrition and he is happy, relaxed and perfectly sound, and back to being broken in!!

Also, my 4 year old dressage gelding was not moving freely, appeared to be tying up and was obviously not happy. We started him on Cellular Nutrition and after consuming the first bag there was obvious freer movement, to prove to myself that Cellular Nutrition actually worked, I stopped feeding him and in the first week off Cellular Nutrition his energy levels dropped and the change was so noticeable. I resumed feeding him Cellular Nutrition and within a week he was back to his happy, healthy self. At this time my massage therapist came to work on him and after a couple of minutes she said he did not need massage as he was perfect.

I am very happy with the results of Cellular Nutrition and my animals will stay on it.


Chris King, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bradley_horseNorthwinds Bradley McGregor — Prior to the 2010 National endurance championships in New Zealand, we knew we were looking at possible selection for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA. Bradley and his rider Debbie Worsfold were both in good health and performing well.

Our therapist recommended we put Bradley on Equine CN prior to the Nationals to help with energy and recovery. She was right, his recovery rate was outstanding, Bradley & Debbie were placed third in the 120K ride and have since been selected to represent New Zealand.

The most significant thing for me was being on Equine CN, he gained weight while spelling after the Nationals  which he does not normally do.

Bradley is now back in full work and we are really happy with his attitude and performance. I would recommend Equine CN to any horse owner who wants to keep their horse in good health.


SunLadPhilippa Wakelin & Steve Noble Harness Racing,
Oxford, New Zealand

May 21st 2009 our 6 yr. old 4 win gelding Sun Lad developed high speed lameness – and was referred to a Vet Clinic where he spent 5 days to diagnose the problem. The initial examination showed right forelimb lameness with no obvious swelling or painful region. He underwent a series of bone scans, nerve blocks and x-rays and returned home with no definite diagnosis for his high speed lameness – just that areas of increased pharmaceutical uptake on the bone scan suggested areas of bone inflammation which could be enough to cause lameness...

The Vets recommendation was that he be turned out for 3 months to let bone inflammation settle down. He was discharged with calcium tablets to increase bone strength.

Sun Lad returned to work late August 2009 and work was built up slowly with swimming and jogging. He was sound jogging but once work increased to ¾ pace he was clearly lame again. The lameness appeared to be coming from the right shoulder region.

In Jan 2010 the vet examined him and injected his right shoulder. We were told we could expect him to be sound within 3-5 days.  There was absolutely no change!!

10th Feb 2010 - On the advice of our Therapist we started him on Equine CN twice daily. We stopped all other supplements and kept him in light work (Jogging and being ridden).   Within 3-4 weeks we started to notice a definite improvement.

On 14th March 2010 – just 5 weeks after  starting Equine CN we started working him in the cart again and built up to fast work by the end of March.

24th April 2010 he went to the workouts and won his heat convincingly and more importantly he pulled up sound.

He has since had two trials which he came through well and his first start at Addington on May 15th and was only beaten by .07 of a length. Addington was the real test in our minds and he has pulled up sound.

We are in no doubt that Equine CN works and now have more of our team on it and are seeing positive results all round.

In October 2010, New Zealand had an increase in GST at the same time that the economy took a hit and the racing industry, in particular, took a big economic hit. A lot of horse owners cut back on expenses. Philipa Wakelin says, “I had taken a number of our horses off CN  because of the cost and went back to using the Cortaflex Products (joint product) to help with soreness etc but after two months the horses are running like crap and are not as well in themselves and I feel they have more soreness issues after hard runs. I have realized CN is not expensive at all and they will not go off CN again.”


mark_chittickMark Chittick, Waikato Stud, New Zealand

CN was recommended to us for our stallions to assist with performance throughout the breeding season.  We are extremely happy with the results and at how quickly we noticed improvements.  Overall well being has obviously improved because even healthy horses are so much happier.  The stallions are free moving and more supple in their muscle tone, recovery times are shorter and even through frequent services - pregnancy rates have increased. 


Jane Bennett, Equine Advantage, Te Aroha, New Zealand

Click here to watch and see Jane Bennett’s video recorded testimonial.

Equine Advantage's new 'equine improvement centre' was set up in Te Aroha, in the Waikato to help all horses. The Centrewasand is run by well known equine therapist Jane Bennett. Elite equine athletes all over the country have been treated or trained at the centre and trainers alike have given testimonials. The center’s most well known success is for the advanced training of Sir Slick. Advantage uses their horse safe facilities which include their unique In-Water treadmill to train horse’s low impact on joints and limbs. Their method using an In-Water Treadmill has results far superior and faster than any other form of hydro therapy making it cost effective for their customers. Horses with injuries not only heal faster using this method but actually gain fitness and strength at the same time. Quality nutrition is also a major factor in horse health and because of Jane’s whole body approach she recommends adding Equine CN to horses feed.

Jane says, “If you have a horse with muscle problems - especially 'tying up' - I have found Equine CN the best product I have ever tried. You see results quickly and it's cost effective compared with other products. All my horses are on it!

I tested Equine CN on Flo — a 9 year old mare. Flo had hoof problems because she had no heel; we tried everything for three years to get her to grow some heel, to no avail. After 4 weeks on Equine CN the farrier noticed NEW heel growth!!

Every horse that comes to me is given Equine CN as part of their feeding routine. I am blown away at the across the board benefits and relief this product is providing with, Arthritis, Suspensory issues, coat, skin, joint, lameness, tying up, mental acuity, focus and just obvious health shown by how happy they are.

jane_9_year_old9 year old racehorse - one of my beautiful mares has had every problem imaginable since I got her off the track 4! years ago — growing pains, sore feet, sore back, shin splints - even lethargy. I put her on CN because I have tried everything else and was running out of options. For the first 4 weeks she had it twice a day and was not worked.

Then I dropped back to only feeding her once a day because she was getting fat (a thoroughbred getting fat in winter on no grass!) and I thought we'd better ride her. She was and is a different horse.

jane_grass_staggersOne of my client’s horses — was prone to grass staggers and toxic build up. She started him on Equine CN and he was doing fine. Her other horse showed signs of toxic issues and she decided to give him a toxic binder and to be safe take the first one off CN and give him the binder in his feed too. The horse that had been eating Equine CN refused to eat the feed with the binder in it even to the point of kicking over the bucket and refused to eat until Equine CN was put back in his feed!!

From my years of experience working with horses I have learned that they are smarter than we are when it comes to what should be eaten and what our body’s need. When a horse refuses to eat until Equine CN is sprinkled on its food, then we know this is a must have product to maintain our animal’s health.


Shirley Newcomb, Midland, Texas, USA

Equine CN changes hair, coat, the way they feel and overall health.  I have been using and recommending the Equine CN formula for two years. In my twenty years as an equine specialist, I have not seen a product work so fast and so well as Equine CN.

shirley_newcomb_magnumMagnum — a 12 year old horse that had a chip off of the navicular bone on right front foot, ring bone on both front feet pretty bad, and no padding on inside of the bottom two joints of both front feet. Within 5 days of starting him on the Equine CN formula he started to move around more freely. After 6 months, from the X-rays, I couldn't tell whether the chip was attaching to or dissolving, but was much less. One year after being on the Equine CN formula the chip has totally dissolved, the side bone is half the size on both front feet, and now has padding equal in all the joints in both front feet. His side bone has not gone away but he keeps feeling better and better. He probably has had side bone for many years. I will x-ray next summer to see if there are any more changes. He is rideable and feels very good.shirley_newcomb_colts

Pregnant mare that we couldn't get to gain weight was on the Equine CN formula for 4 months and had a healthy baby. We weren't sure she would carry the foal full term as she had lost so much weight. She gained the weight and had a very healthy foal.

Many of our horses have had swollen knees and stiff. After having them on the Equine CN formula for 3 to 4 months the joints are less stiff and can bend better and are not as swollen.

World Champion Rope Horse, New Mexico — The owners were having the vet inject all 8 joints periodically a cost of $100 per joint.  Started him on the Equine CN formula and after three months the vet needed to inject only 2 joints. After 4 months the horse did not need injections. The horse has done extremely well on CN.

shirley_newcomb_jobJob (as in the bible) — Job was carried in his mother for 394 days which the vet said he would be 45 to 50 lbs and long haired.  Mother had cushion disease and had been on the Equine CN formula only 5 months when he was born.  He was very small, but did not have long hair.  Had gotten up, but was not strong enough to suck.  I picked him up the first half of the day and milked the mother to feed him.  By noon he was sucking by himself and by evening he was getting up and sucking by himself.  That morning he was put on 1 tsp 3 times a day of the Equine CN formula.  After that he never looked back. He became normal size and a normal colt.  I have never had a colt that weak come around that fast.  


Fred & Lindsay Cornege, Seattle Lodge, Cambridge

cornegeThe first picture was taken the day the horse arrived here from Australia which was 4 days after the injury, the next taken 3 weeks later and the last one 3 weeks after that, pretty amazing really. Can you please not name the horse.

Following is a testimonial you can use.

This horse arrived at Seattle Lodge from Australia with this injury which had been sustained 4 days earlier. (BEFORE). We put him on CN at day 5 and the results were amazing.

The healing process was very quick and after 3 weeks the wound had closed over. As you can see from the final photo it has healed completely (AFTER). It is very simple to administer, just added to the feed. We keep CN in stock to give to any horse that may need it as its healing properties are quite amazing.


Naomi McRae, Ngatea, New Zealand

naomi_mcraeMatua — twelve year old eventing horse, diagnosed with Shivers some time ago. For years he has been a problem horse to ride, would constantly play up in the dressage arena and cross country, bucking, kicking, bolting were normal behavior. We started him on Equine CN and after 3 days the farrier commented how much easier he was to shoe and his legs could be extended without a problem. Naomi rode him at Woodhill Sands last weekend and her exact words were “He was a great ride for the first time; he did not act up one time.”

Historically after each event Matua’s fetlock would swell up. The vets maintained there was a weakness there and there was nothing they could do. After the Woodhill event, NO swelling!! Had him x-rayed and nothing!!

George, 3 year old thoroughbred had an Entrapped Epiglottis which was obviously affecting his breathing. Surgery was performed to remove blockage. Whenever he ran he sounded raspy and the faster he went the louder he got, I didn’t believe that George would be able to perform as a racehorse. I started him on Equine CN two weeks ago and today he had his first jump out. He did great with only slight breathing noise.


Dale Opie, Te Aroha, New Zealand

Vicky — four year old thoroughbred, was constantly tying up. Because we could not feed her normally she had immature muscle development. After 3 weeks of feeding her Equine CN the change was obvious. She was being fed the same rigid diet but she must have been absorbing more from the food because her muscles improved and she looked great and did not tie up once.

We have since had her in training and she competed in a race without any problems. After seeing the impact on Vicky we now have other horses and ourselves on the product.


Lyn Pinosa, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Sydney, Australia

I am treating two horses with Navicular Syndrome, both horses have only been on Equine CN for a few weeks but both have responded with freer movement, looking better and obviously happier. I strongly recommend these products to my animal clients.


Diana Stewart, Midland, Texas, USA

diane_stewart_easy_moonsI purchased Easy Moons — in August 2006; he is now 15 years old. I have known him since he was 7 years old and at that age he developed a cyst in his nostril. We had the vet check him when we purchased him and the cyst was so large you could barely fit a finger in his nostril. The vet said there was nothing he could do barring major surgery and just to live with it, even though there was obvious discomfort. Within two weeks of putting him on the Equine CN formula the cyst started to shrink.  After four weeks of the Equine CN formula being added to his feed the cyst was completely gone. This truly is a remarkable product.

Moira Murdoch, Trainer, Waiuku

moira_murdochIn this month we have tested four horses with a history of tying up. We are very happy with the results as none have tied up since we started mixing Equine CN in their feed. I would recommend Equine CN to anyone who has horses with this problem and for their overall health. They will be staying on Equine CN.


Alan, trainer Matamata

After months of muscle problems, we found this gelding was tying up and had been for quite some time but not showing the usual symptoms. We had the vet do a blood test and there was significant damage. We started him on Equine CN and after a few days the change was obvious. We trialled him and then had a blood test done and it showed no signs of tying up. Today was his second trial, which he won very nicely. I am very happy and relieved, he looks brighter, his coat is glowing.


Sarah Linton, Pahiatua

sarah_linton_tb14 year old in foal TB broodmare who 2 1/2 years before had broken her shoulder. In my opinion she should have been put to sleep but because she was so valuable for stud the owners decided to see how she recovered. When you look at her move you know she has a disability not just a limp.

She came to us recently in very poor condition with a horrible dull coat. In the first 3 days she got a bad cold (change of climate I suspect) and then had an accident in a fence where she got her hind legs wounded. I started giving her 2 scoops of the Equine CN every day. Within the first week her cold had gone and her coat had improved. If it hadn't been for the old dog having a similar thing happen with his coat I would have thought it was the feed. The other issue she has which I didn’t realize had improved unlit I stopped using the Equine CN product on her (ran out of the trial sachets) - when she first arrived she used to stand over at the knee involuntarily shaking because of the position she was standing in. I think she is trying to relieve the pressure from her shoulder. She would also stand a lot with one leg more forward than the other, well this pretty much stopped. Will keep you updated.


Jesse Collins, Marquette, MI

I have been training and competing with my dressage horse for two years (hoping to make the US Olympic squad) He is what I consider to be healthy, however with a rigorous 6 day a week training program usually left him sore and he would need a couple of days off every other week to recuperate.  I started him on the Equine CN formula and WOW, no soreness, he is eager to get out and work every day, I have noticed his mental clarity has improved dramatically and he is much calmer which makes him easier to ride.

Having a healthy horse is great, keeping them healthy is a challenge, and Equine CN does just that.



Kaye Cottle, Trainer, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

kaye_cottleTwo weeks ago a young colt ran through a fence ripping up both back legs. The right rear was torn up with large flap of flesh dangling and the left rear was stripped to the bone. The vet stitched the right rear and dressed the left. I immediately started giving him three scoops of Equine CN a day. Two weeks later the vet visited for the third time to remove stitches and could not believe the healing that has taken place, flesh is growing on the bone and according to the vet, healing is happening in half the normal time.

We had high hopes for Teddy a three year old thoroughbred, he appeared to have the drive and heart to be a good racehorse. We had him on an organic diet, he trained well and seemed to be fit. We took him to the track to trial him and he performed quite well finishing third. However his nose was bleeding quite profusely, he was quarantined and after about 30 minutes seemed fine. Two weeks later we tried again, with same result.

We started giving him two scoops a day of Equine CN and changed nothing else with his feed or training. Two weeks later we ran him at the track and was very happy, no bleeding. Since then he has competed in three races and no issues. I am very happy with Equine CN and recommend all trainers to use it.



sharon_hinsleySharon Hinsley, Hinsley Racing Stables

“We had a 5 year old gelding that was very talented but became a very bad bleeder.  He was turned out for several months with no training giving him a chance to heal.  In every prep work getting him ready to race again he bled.  No other supplements,  hyperbaric chamber etc. could hold him from bleeding.  He was put on Equine CN for about a week and won his first race back easily without bleeding in the race!“



Kelly Burne, Hawkes Bay

kelley_burneSaint Pat, a 4 year old thoroughbred had three trials before he came to me and each time he would pull up lame and sore.

It was discovered that he had sesamoid problems in his offside hind. I started training him with light work for three weeks and then upped the workload. I started him on Equine CN the day I got him. He has been sound through all work and last week ran him in a trial in which he ran an impressive third. He has had no soreness, he looks great and is obviously happy.

I am so impressed with Equine CN and am recommending to all owners that their horses should be on the product.

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