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There is a food that you can feed to your animals that creates within the cellular mitochondria up to 36 times the energy that is created from normal carbohydrates. That is because there is no loss of energy from active-transport cycles.

The secret is alpha polysaccharide peptides that unlike other foods don’t need to be actively transported through cellular membranes into the cellular mitochondria, but are able to freely enter the mitochondria and increase energy levels to the maximum.

More energy is what virtually every cell needs in order to repair or maintain itself optimally. And more cellular energy multiplied times the trillions of cells in an animal’s body makes a difference in health, performance and happiness that will have you soon singing the praises of Cellular Nutrition products.


Watch videotaped testimonials of the power of CN (alpha polysaccharide peptides) in animal health:

Bronwyn Lavelle
and Europa

Jane Bennett - Equine CN Therapist

Yvonne Dosseter

Jakki Good

Rick Boyd

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Then feed your animal ETSZeolite.

The combination of CN for energy and ETS Zeolite for removing toxins from the body is very powerful.

Why CN?


The main reason to use CN is to help the cells of an animal’s body have sufficient energy to heal 24 hours a day, instead of only during sleep, as normally occurs.

Why Exactly Does CN Promote Healing?

CN promotes animal wellness through cellular healing because it boosts available cellular energy very significantly.

  • CN becomes pure energy in the cellular mitochondria as its molecules are transformed into ATP (energy packets) inside the cellular mitochondria.
  • There is zero loss of energy in digesting and metabolizing CN because it goes directly into the mitochondria without the need to be broken down into smaller molecule sizes and to be actively transported through cellular membranes, as must occur with all other food molecules.
  • This increased cellular energy can be used at a cellular level to heal, detoxify and recover from stress.

Why and How CN Increases Cellular Energy?

The concept to remember is that alpha glycans (alpha polysaccharide polypeptides) enter the mitochondria a different way than ordinary foods.

Instead of having to be spend energy in active transport to ordinary food fuel through cellular membranes, CN (alpha polysaccharide peptides) is able to go immediately through the cell membranes through receptor pores with no expenditure of energy.

The special pathway of alpha glycans, through cellular membranes, is what allows them to provide cells up to 36 times greater energy production in the mitochondria than occurs with ordinary food. This excess energy is available to be used for performance and cellular healing.

  1. CN supplies essential amino acids and essential sugars that directly target the mitochondria (power plant) of the cell to create ATP (cellular energy).
  2. This specialty nutrition of CN is best described as mechanically hydrolyzed alpha polysaccharide peptides, or alpha glycans, or nano-sized complex carbohydrates linked to amino acids.
  3. CN contains all of the essential amino acids, (making it a complete protein).
  4. It also contains all of the essential fatty acids (GLA, ALA, LA, SDA, EPA, DHA, and AA)
  5. and all of the essential functional sugars
  6. as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

It’s completeness in these three areas, plus small molecular size and “recognition” by the cells and mitochondria makes these alpha glycans powerful in terms of health and healing.

Let's talk more about alpha polysaccharide peptides, or alpha glycans.

  • These power-packed nutrients are easily absorbed by cells (98% to 100% absorption) in your animals’ bodies. The cells recognize them as biological super-fuel:
    • They are nutrients that are otherwise unobtainable in a modern diet.
    • They go directly into cellular mitochondria (the power plants of the cells)
    • They give a natural energy boost that contributes up to 36 times more ATP output than is achieved with other carbohydrates.
    • They contribute to daytime activity and
    • They promote restful sleep and healing each night.

Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides Pass Easily Through Cellular Membranes

howaporeseesthingsCell membranes have pores and an active transport system which allows only particular atoms and molecules to pass through it. Most foods eaten must be metabolized before passing through the cell membrane. This requires energy in the form of stored ATP. Using nanotechnology, alpha polysaccharide peptides have been mechanically hydrolyzed to monosaccharides. In this form, they pass through all cell membranes without the need to go through the usual metabolic pathways.

The mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) have a double membrane and an mitochondria_webactive transport system, which even more carefully determines what molecules can enter into it. One type of molecule they always allow through are monosaccharides (alpha polysaccharide peptides), where the last step of their metabolism takes place via the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle converts the energy, which is held within the bonds between the atoms of each molecule, into packets of energy - ATP. ATP stands for adenosine tri phosphate. (Cellular Energy)

After the production of ATP within the mitochondrion, ATP energy packet molecules migrate into the cell where its energy is released. If you had an electron microscope you could see little fireworks as the ATP turns into ADP (adenosine di phosphate). The cell uses the energy to perform its various duties: protein, RNA and DNA synthesis, cell membrane maintenance, organelle maintenance, as well as, and most important, detoxification and maintaining individual cell health.

CN provides each cell with 36 ATP whereas an equivalent amount of normal carbohydrate provides each cell with 1 ATP. This is more energy than the cell has ever seen before. It takes care of all its cells duties and still has more energy than it's ever seen before - energy which it uses to do the work of healing.

However, just as food is eaten every day for energy, CN must be taken every day consistently, as prescribed, if we want to keep cells in this heightened state of health. The suggestion to spread out doses throughout the day is because CN is water soluble and flushes through the system very quickly. It enters cells instantly, and the mitochondria do their work. But cells never go to sleep, they work 24/7. Always working, always detoxifying, always trying to maintain optimum health. Each cell requires a regular influx of CN for optimum health.

The bottom line is to take care of the mitochondria within the cells of each animal’s body. The body is but a mirror image of the individual cells that work continuously day and night to maintain health.

Cellular Energy Versus Toxins

Toxins Sap the Energy of All Living Things on the Earth

Even for an otherwise healthy animal, the stress of toxins in the body cannot be overcome unless additional POWER is added to your animal’s cells.

The world environment (air, water and food) is loaded with toxins that weaken both animals and people in many ways.



Our modern-day reality is that 75% of the world’s food supplies are processed with preservatives and chemicals (toxins) used to make food easier to manufacture and less likely to spoil before being consumed.

For the past 50 plus years, due to a crescending bombardment of toxins upon the environment, toxins have become pervasive in the environment and in animals, and people. Our atmosphere, water, food supply and the cells of virtually every living thing is loaded with toxins.

This constant toxic bombardment reminds one of the straw that broke the camel’s back. Toxins accumulate within cells and eventually the cells of the body  will individually reach the breaking point, beyond which the cell cannot cope... unless it IS GIVEN ADDITIONAL ENERGY with which to handle the toxic overload, clean house and ultimately thrive.

Toxins Sap The Cell’s Energy... and Ability to Function Normally

Today’s animal issues of diabetes and arthritis in dogs, renal failure, skin issues, tying up, laminitis, slow wound healing, tumors, and OCDs in horses, are virtually always the result of toxic accumulation, unbalanced food supplies, and ultimately, a lack of cellular energy to fight against toxins and maintain health

Additionally, CN has a nutrient benefit - because it contains all the healing properties inherent in functional sugars (beta glycans). In most nutritional products, the beta glucans would be the primary thing to be talked about, but with CN, those nutritional benefits are far less significant than the energy benefits.


and the POWER WITHIN the CELL is WHAT is REAL.

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