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Function of Cellular

There is a food that you can feed to your animals that creates within the cellular mitochondria up to 36 times the energy that is created from normal carbohydrates. That is because there is no loss of energy from active-transport cycles.

The secret is alpha polysaccharide peptides that unlike other foods don’t need to be actively transported through cellular membranes into the cellular mitochondria, but are able to freely enter the mitochondria and increase energy levels to the maximum.

More energy is what virtually every cell needs in order to repair or maintain itself optimally. And more cellular energy multiplied times the trillions of cells in an animal’s body makes a difference in health, performance and happiness that will have you soon singing the praises of Cellular Nutrition products.


Watch videotaped testimonials of the power of CN (alpha polysaccharide peptides) in animal health:

Bronwyn Lavelle
and Europa

Jane Bennett - Equine CN Therapist

Yvonne Dosseter

Jakki Good

Rick Boyd

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Want to accelerate detoxification of ammonia, nitrites, heavy metals and industrial chemicals from your animals body?

Then feed your animal ETSZeolite.

The combination of CN for energy and ETS Zeolite for removing toxins from the body is very powerful.

Welcome to — where we focus on cellular energy!

By adding our product, CN (short for Cellular Nutrition), an animal is able to heal itself AS NEVER BEFORE.


This is due to a large increase in net cellular mitochondrial ATP energy resulting from CN. An animal uses the increased energy to heal 24 hours a day, instead of only while sleeping.

With all forms of life, health begins in the energy production systems of the cell (the mitochondria) — as that energy production goes — so goes the life of the entire organism, including healing, reproduction, work. Everything depends on energy!



Traditional Animal Healing Opportunities Are Limited

Think about what treatment modalities can be called upon to help an animal to get through an illness or injuryantibiotics and steroids, or surgery, or perhaps chemo?

That’s about it... and all of those solutions are guaranteed to shorten the animal’s life.

And what about for a healthy animal... What is available to ensure that it has peak mental capacity, peak stamina and can withstand virtually any amount of physical stress, including toxins... answer: very little that makes any real difference?

Nutrition has always been the holy grail for ensuring animal health, but animal nutrition is not a simple task since one has to navigate through all the issues of commercial “feed” (GMO Soy, toxins, etc.) and unbalanced vitamin isolates (that cause the animal’s digestion/liver to work overtime)

Cellular Nutrition is an exciting arrival on the animal husbandry scene. It completely changes the landscape of helping your animal heal, recover and perform in an improved way. It has to do with cellular energy enhancement... something different than just nutrition.

Simply by adding CN (short for Cellular Nutrition), to the animal feed, an animal is able to heal itself up to 99% of the time because CN powers up the cell with energy. CN ensures that healthy animals always stay that way... by enabling them to quickly recover from exertion, stress, exposure to toxins or injury. Here are just a few statements about CN from horse owners/trainers:

  • Equine CN changes hair, coat, the way they feel and overall health. I have been using and recommending the Equine CN formula for two years. In my twenty years as an equine therapist I have not seen a product work so fast and so well as Equine CN.
  • I have noticed a definite improvement how well my horses recover after the cross country since we started using Equine CN.
  • The most significant thing for me was being on Equine CN, he gained weight while spelling after the Nationals which he does not normally do.
  • If you have a horse with muscle problems - especially 'tying up' - I have found Equine CN the best product I have ever tried.
  • Flo had hoof problems because she had no heel; we tried everything for three years to get her to grow some heel, to no avail. After 4 weeks on Equine CN the farrier noticed NEW heel growth!!
  • I had taken a number of our horses off CN (because of the cost) and went back to using the Cortaflex Products (a joint product) to help with soreness etc but after two months the horses are running like crap and are not as well... I feel they have more soreness issues after hard runs. I have realized CN is not expensive at all and they will not go off CN again.

Click here to see many more testimonials about the power of CN in recovering and healing of animals.

The reason that CN can help is because it creates surplus cellular power... ordinarily the only time than cells have surplus power is during sleep when other operations slow down. Then that surplus power is used for healing.

Therefore, the mindset that everyone needs who cares for animals is:

Healing takes

So, if your stud is no longer performing at optimum, it needs extra cellular power. If your animal is not recovering from workouts as quickly as it should, it needs more cellular power. If your animal has or is developing any disease, or any ‘itis condition, or even if its coat or bone structure is becoming less healthy, then the bottom line reality is that it

NEEDS more cellular power.

Two methods exist for creating surplus cellular power in your animal.

  1. The first is for your animal to sleep more — reducing cellular energy requirements to a minimum during sleep, so that there will be excess energy available in the cells that can be tapped by healing processes. Of course, it is difficult to force an animal to sleep more.
  2. The only other viable option is CN. That’s why our breakthrough product CN is so important in allowing animals to heal as rapidly as possible from injury or disease, or to function at peak performance longer and recover from overexertion.

CN (short for Cellular Nutrition) is a true Super that excels all other foods on earth in terms of increasing power output from the cellular mitochondria (they are the power producing organelles of a cell).

Try it for yourself – if you have an animal that is having acute or chronic challenges that are NOT seeing resolution – give CN a 30 day test!  Give your animal the energy and strength to have the healing, stamina and even fun it could have.

With the addition of CN to your animal’s diet, your animal’s cells will function at improved levels due to increased levels of energy. You will then be able to see (through your animal’s well-being) the value of greater cellular energy... see our testimonials, divided into:

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